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When the chariot carries your love over the threshold of my heart’s outskirts
The guards will stop it and ask if it desires permission to enter the gates.

Only through a sincere unyielding reply can it be considered for entry. If granted, it must know this is its dwelling for centuries.

Your love must be a champion gladiator in my hearts arena. Because after all, love is the only thing worth fighting for. Dying for and even crying for. And if to you this is not truth, what are you lying for?

Must be willing to search. Search the valleys and get over the initial hills of lust. Only to fight the immortal dragon of trust. Must, realize that where there is not victory there must be understanding. Because as you already know, love is ever demanding.

The horses that pull your love to my heart are restless, reduced to kneeling. But your love is in the chariot, ready to accept all dealings. The horses arose, as the guards opened my heart’s kingdom doors. After entry the stallions fainted, because my heart has no floors. No ceilings, no ups, no downs just pure unconditional feelings.

Once your love realizes it is alone, It will know that I have the security and gating only for you. My heart’s kingdom welcomes only your love and I’ve been waiting only for you.

Original Poem/creative composition of words.

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